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I 100% recommend Luchi & Ota.”

“Before Christmas, I was struggling to find something wonderful, original and unique for my wife and then I found Luchi & Ota and saw their fascinating work especially the Happy Scarf. I immediately bought two pieces: a bag with my wife’s company logo and a Happy Scarf. My wife loved them; the bag was just beautiful but she went especially wild over the Happy Scarf! Seriously amazing results, service and value for money. And Ota is wonderful. I 100% recommend Luchi & Ota.”

Al Teper, 2017

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Meet Lia, First Time Using A Sewing Machine, She Made A Dress

Well Done Lia, You Made A Dress

Meet Lia, Lia had never used a sewing machine before she came to us. We taught her how to use a sewing machine, after that first class, she made a cushion cover.

During the class, we taught troubleshooting techniques which are difficult to find on DIY videos. We show you live problems and scenarios and how to troubleshoot them.

We pride ourselves on our teaching techniques because we want to empower our students. Sewing is not a destination, it is a life-long journey. we expect our students to be well equipped to face sewing challenges as they continue their journey.

Lia decided she enjoyed our classes so much she was up for another challenge, this is when she booked herself on a dress making class where we taught her how to create a ‘freestyle’ dress pattern.




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