Onsite Course
Nov 7, 2018 - Dec 19, 2018
4:15pm - 5:15pm
62 Edgware Way, HA8 8JS
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Beginners Sewing For Kids


Sewing For Under 11s

At the beginning of the 7-week course, all kids will be given a refresher/introductory lesson on how to setup and use a sewing machine, after which kids will be grouped according to their competence.

This course will involve both hand and machine sewing

Each child is an individual and will not be expected to rush through projects. We want them to be competent users but most importantly, we want them to enjoy the process because we want their memories and experience of sewing to be ones that would serve them well.



Pyjamas Bottoms With Trimmings

  • Introduction To The Sewing Machine
  • Hand sewing and it’s importance
  • Pinning, cutting fabric, sewing on a straight line

What Is Included In The Camp?

  • Sewing machines for each child to sew with
  • scrap materials will be provided to kids
  • Kids WILL have to buy materials for larger projects

Our Staff

  • Your kids will be taught by sewing instructors who are passionate about sewing and equally passionate about knowledge transfer to kids
  • Your kids will be taught by staff who understand that every kid is different and has their own pace
  • Your child will not be left alone with anyone who does not have an enhanced DBS certificate.


Sewing For Under 11s
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