1 Mar 2017

Easter Sewing Classes Inspired By The High street


Hello All,
This year we are really excited about our Easter holiday sewing classes. We have had under 500 kids come through our doors since we started.
For our sewing classes, we have made Tote bags (loads of tote bags), skirts, Aprons, Drawstring bags, Scrunches and lots more. This season, however, we have been inspired by the High street; Zara and River Island. The kids are going to making a sleeveless jumpsuit, similar to the ones being sold by Zara.

Jump Suit

Sleeveless Jumpsuit, inspired by Zara

This project will be slightly challenging, but I am quite confident that my girls are very capable. Over the past few months, I could feel a yearning to do something more. There are only so many cushion covers and tote bags a girl can make before she gets restless. I am going out to Walthamstow Market to search for fabrics, I hope the girls will fall in love with. I will stop at nothing to ensure the fabrics are comfortable but trendy.

The next one literally gave me goosebumps. I have always wanted to work on projects where we transform old shirts to other items like cushion covers bags, skirts etc. Seeing this in River Island was like a thumbs up from heaven. My husband just had a good out clearout of his wardrobe and so many shirts were just begging to be upcycled. My little girls would love nothing more than prance around in what used to be daddy’s old shirt. Please note the following:

  1. We will not accept torn, tired, faded shirts. The girls are going to be wearing these skirts, so we expect the shirts coming to us to be respectable.
  2. Stay away from white shirts, not a lot of fun.
  3. If you can through in a tie, I am sure I can find a way to make it work. This is going to be more fun for me than the girls, seriously.
Upcycled Daddy's Shirt

Turning Daddy’s Old shirt into a skirt.

The final project will be making a good old jeans bag, as seen in Zara too.

Bucket bag

I am going to be walking around Walthamstow market trying to source the most exciting fabrics I can lay my hands on for the skirt and the jumpsuit. I promise to only source pretty, comfortable but equally trendy fabrics.

By the way, we are going to have 2 guest artist running their own workshops over the Easter; Knitting, Crochet and some amazing artwork. We will be able to accommodate kids from the age of 3 years in some of the crafts classes.

Here is some of the artwork to look forward to:


Lettered Art with a textured background


Sparkle and glitter art


Textured Art

More details for these classes will be coming soon. Please contact us for more info and keep checking our website for updates. Please share this post with as many friends as possible. we appreciate you taking the time to read this post.

If you would like to book your class, please use this link.

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