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Wardrobe Makeover

Bridal Shower, Hen Night, Corporate Away Day

In this video, we are showing you the sort of shoe you can get us to make for you. We have a lot of different shoe designs we can come up with. Our rhinestone designs are done by hand, which means all stones are individually placed to ensure durability.

If you are interested in organising a shoe decorating workshop for a group of ladies; where you all have fun while decorating your own shoes. At the end of the workshop, each lady will have their own individually blinged out shoes.

These shoes are a simple pair of suede shoes from Next.

wardrobe makeover that won't break the bank

Did you know that every item of clothing in your wardrobe can be turned into something new; which means creating a spanking new wardrobe does not have to cost you a pay packet or more.

The best thing about remodelling your wardrobe is that you will be the only person who has that outfit; you are guaranteed uniqueness.

Wait a minute! I hope you don’t think I am talking about just clothing? I am also talking about shoes, bags, necklaces, bracelets, scarves; you name it, it can be remodelled for something new.