The principle of tie-dye is very simple, if you tie an area of a garment tight enough and you immerse that item in a bowl of dye, the bound area becomes impervious to the dye.

You create your own unique patterns according to how the item is tied.


Please bring a white item of clothing you would like to dye. It must be cotton. If you don’t have white, bring a very light coloured fabric. If you don’t have any, you can buy a t-shirt in the shop for £5.99


  • The children get the opportunity to mix colours and see the instant results, this is all part of the creative learning process; being able to identify colours or learning to identify colours, depending on their age
  • With the help of their ward, they begin to create patterns on the t-shirt by tying parts of the t-shirt up into little or large knots
  • Once the designs have been created by the tying process, they will immerse the item in a little bowl of the colour they have chosen
  • The item stays in the solution for 5 minutes and then we put it through the wash to rinse out the dye
  • Once that is complete their designs are revealed, and now you can both clap at your brilliance
  • Your wet item will be labelled and given to you to take away in a ziploc bag. Please remember to wash with detergent when you get home.


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