27 Sep 2016

Tie-Dye Quest


One of my favourite past-time is going around shops, looking for items I can give a new lease of life to. When I set off, I have no idea what I might find; as long as there is fabric involved, it is open season for me.

On this fair day, I went into Choice, this is located in The Broadwalk, in Edgware, and I found quite a few pairs of discoloured, white plimsolls for kids; this was an amazing find. They were so obviously discoloured and they did not look like bleaching them endlessly would restore the pristine look they once possessed. These were perfect candidates for my tie-dye rejuvenation.

Before the shoes were dyed.


After the kid’s shoes were dyed.

close-up-shoes tie-dye-kids-shoes red-and-yellow-shoes kids-tie-dye-shoes

This would be a great exercise for a kids’ tie-dye party.

If you are interested in having a kids tie-dye party with plimsolls, please contact me.



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