1 Oct 2016

The Day My T-Shirt Became A Dress

I am very pleased that friends, family, and customers are beginning to draw a link between upcycling and Luchi & Ota.
It is not over till its over. Your wardrobe can be upcycled as many times as your creativity will allow you.
Here is a very simple idea; turning a t-shirt into a dress. If you have a t-shirt and some fabric lying around your house, you are half way to making yourself a cute dress.

This exercise is not a quick one, but the results are rewarding. One this is guaranteed, though, you will be the only one wearing that item.

We started off with this really pretty, colourful fabric called African Wax Print, AKA Ankara. I am in love with bright and colourful prints.

. beautiful-fabric

At the time we decided this project, I was bent on a red t-shirt; to my utmost surprise, not everyone was in favour of the red t-shirt.


This is what the outfit looked like, once both fabrics were pinned together.


Not entirely happy that there was a red/black split in the came, I decided to settle for a black t-shirt instead, which I proceeded to design with a copious amount of glass rhinestones.




So there you go. You can turn your t-shirt and some fabric into a lovely, simple dress.
If you are interested in buying brightly coloured fabrics. We have quite a few in stock in the shop. Please feel free to visit us.


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