28 Nov 2016

The Alterations Challenge


Alteration is not just about taking up hems and replacing zips; how about changing a dress to a skirt or making a skirt a dress?
In my previous life, I used to work in the corporate world; where I kitted up in suits and shirts, scarves, and lacy tights (I loved lacy tights) every single day. I loved dressing up, I still love dressing up; but once you pop out those little angels out, shirts, suits etc become a bit of an inconvenience, especially when they no longer fit (like 2 sizes too small).

Suffice to say, I had a heap of shirts fallowing and fraternizing with each other in the loft; apart from the fact that where too small for me, I had no use for them anymore. I had kissed goodbye to life in the City.

Enter 2016, finally, I managed to get my weight back to pre-baby which meant my shirts were suddenly available to wear; problem was, I still don’t want to wear my shirts, well, not all of them. So I suddenly had this idea; what if I transformed it into something I really wanted to wear? That was how this idea was born.

So, if like me, you have heaps of clothes, good quality clothes you can’t bear to get rid off, why don’t you come down to Luchi & Ota and we can work on those clothes together and breath some life into to your wardrobe.

If you want to sign up for this class, please sign up here.

If you have not taken any alterations classes previously, you can book a beginners class, here.


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