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Welcome to Sewing For Children

A hearty welcome to Sewing, the dwelling place of free-spirited creativity, a place where we view crafting through rose tinted glasses. Children with creative minds are not confined to thinking within strict parameters because they continuously explore alternatives.

The whole art of sewing is a lot more involved than meets the eye; meticulous planning and calculative skills are required to achieve a desired effect. At the end of continued sewing sessions, I expect my students to be comfortable with the process of measuring, and planning in relation to set sewing tasks.

I am of the conviction that there are no mistakes in creativity; only alternative outcomes. I love upcycling and recycling, every item or fabric has more than seven lives, we often only use one. I teach kids to make useful items out of condemned materials.

The classes will improve their mental maths skills, as well as sharpen and improve their focus and concentration skills. I am confident that these skills will be invaluable.

We provide all materials for the classes. There might be extra bits to purchase, but these are always optional and will not affect their chosen project. Your child will always come home with a finished product; something creative and useful.


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The kids will be making one of the following:

  • Tote Bag Making
  • Funky Pyjamas
  • Personalised Aprons
  • Sleeveless summer dress (summer time only)
  • Cushion covers (cushions cost £5 extra if you want one)

Each child will be leaving the sewing class with a finished item. There will be no unfinished items leaving the sewing classes. We supply all sewing materials and the sewing machines too.


Please feel free to ask me questions about kids’ sewing classes via email or you can contact me on 0208 9587714 during shop opening hours; 10am – 6pm.

You can book your classes online.
Looking forward to hearing from you.