Sewing Classes for kids

She made an apron in one lesson
28 May 2016

Sewing classes for kids

Last Easter I ran a sewing course for kids over the half-term. For those that are wondering if my shop has been open for that long; no it has not. However I do have a little office on The High Street in Edgware, I ran all my classes from there.

Learning how to sew from a kid’s perspective is less challenging than learning how to sew as an adult. As the old saying goes, ‘Kids are like sponges.’

There is also a great sense of fulfilment which accompanies the completion of a project. A great sense of ownership. The kids wore everything they made out of the premises and told everyone and anyone who cared to listen that they had made the item.

I am particularly proud of this project. This was her second class and she carried out her task with great dexterity.

Suffice to say, her mum was so pleased with the classes last year, she has booked her on some more this half-term. I promise not to disappoint.

Apron1  Apron-with-pocketApron-Ready Lovely-apron

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