Start Your Sewing Journey With Passion

Start Your Sewing Journey With Passion


Sew Your Own Envelop Cushion Cover – Saturday, 13th May
Sew your own cushion cover with beautiful vibrant fabrics.

 Make Your Own Pyjamas Bottoms – Saturday, 13th May

Congratulations for sewing your cushion cover which was a good way to get you acquainted with your sewing machine. Now you will make yourself a lovely pair of pyjamas bottom

SESSIONS 3 & 4 Toilet Bag With Zip – Saturday, 20th May

Most beginners are daunted by the prospects of sewing zips, you will conquer this fear in less than 2 sessions and walk away with a lovely toilet bag to show for it. So let’s get making

Your objective in this class will be to make a simple cushion cover, you will now use your newly acquired skills to make a simple and delightful cushion cover.


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    • 6 £
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