Sewing Party

Sewing Party BagSewing Party

Sewing Party


Sewing Party

This excitable event features young kids from 8+ making delightful items from start to finish.

They will be provided with all the materials required to make this special day a sparkling success.
Each guest will be given a sewing machine, and under very close supervision they will carry out the activity for which they have booked.

No previous sewing experience is necessary
When you book your party, let us know what item you will like to sew.

  • Tote Bag Making
  • Kitchen Aprons
  • Cushion cover with your initial
  • Drawstring bag

Ages: 8+ To Adults
Group Size: 8-10 Guest
Time: 2 hours (includes time for food, cake and drinks)
Availability: Saturdays or Sundays
Cost: £22.50 per person (excludes food and cake)

Added Extras

We offer 10% discount from Kgrill KPizza & Fish K Chips, Kosher restaurant
We offer free complimentary drinks
We offer helium balloons for £10 extra
We design your personalised invitation cards for free


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