Sew Your Own Lined Tote Bag

Sew Your Own Lined Tote Bag


Sew Your Own Lined Tote Bag – November

Welcome to the new you. Congratulations, you have either just finished one of our complete beginners classes. You have learnt how to setup and troubleshoot your sewing machine, and you are now ready to start making something.

In this 2hr session you will learn;

    • How to cut and measure your fabric for your project
    • Pinning your fabric before sewing
    • Cutting and measuring your outer fabric and lining
    • Various stitches and hems
    • Sewing your outer fabric and lining together
    • Fixing your bag straps
    • Finishing off your sewing

Your objective in this class will be to make a simple lined tote, you will now use your newly acquired skills to make a simple and delightful tote bag

Please remember; every student progresses at a different pace, so try and enjoy the process as you go along.

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