From Novice To Lingerie – First Steps To Sewing

From Novice To Lingerie – First Steps To Sewing


3 Weeks Workshop

Course Content

Introduction To The Sewing Machine

  • Threading  and re-threading your sewing machine
  • The functions of the sewing machine parts
  • Loading and winding a bobbin
  • Various stitches and uses
  • Different hems
  • Sewing machine troubleshooting
  • Caring for your sewing machine

 Sew Your Own Lingerie

  • Create your basic pattern on paper (idiots guide)
  • How to cut and measure your fabric for your project
  • Cut your fabric from your pattern
  • Pinning your fabric before sewing
  • Sewing your fabric in a straight line
  • Finishing off your sewing


1/2 meter Calico
2 meters Satin fabric of your choice
3 meters lace trimmings
5 Bobbins
Measuring Tape
Sharpie pen
Scissors and sharp pins
Thread to match your fabric
Notebook & Pen

REQUIREMENTS: Willingness to learn how to sew. No previous experience necessary

Weekday: Friday (10:00am to 12:00pm)

Starts: 10/03/2017

End Date: 24/03/2017

Number of Weeks: 3

Please remember; every student progresses at a different pace, so try and enjoy the process as you go along.

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