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Fitted Bodice


FACT: No 2 people have the exact same body measurements.

We are all individuals and have specific dimensions which make us unique, however, the industry has taken an aggregate and created garments using these aggregates, which means we sort of fit in somewhere in the S, M, L, or XL world. Granted, some people might fit in more than others and then there is the rest of the world whose body parts are both S and M or M and L

What is the course about?

Being able to use accurate measurements is extremely vital for dressmaking. Knowing how to take those measurements and create a pattern is also as important. This course is for home dressmakers who would like to take their creativity one step further in order to create styled garments using a set of body measurements as opposed to industry standard measurements.

You will be taught to created a fitted bodice, using specific measurements

What will I learn during this course?

  • Taking accurate upper body measurements
  • Constructing a sleeveless bodice block using measurements
  • Inserting appropriate Darts
  • Adding right seam allowance
  • Creating Toile from bodice block
  • Adjusting and Fitting Toile


All materials required for this class will be provided

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: You should be proficient in the use of a sewing machine.

In order to benefit from this course, you should have more than a few hours of sewing under your belt. You should have attempted garment making using a commercial pattern. You should also have attempted to make a few tops and blouses as well. This experience will facilitate your learning and would make understanding a lot easier.

One day Course: Sunday (11am – 6pm)

11th Feb, 2018

light snacks, Tea and Coffee will be provided

Please remember; every student progresses at a different pace, so try and enjoy the process as you go along.

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