Fashion Summer Camp 2017

Fashion Summer Camp 2017




DAY 1 Beginners – Sewing Machine For Beginners

  • Create a tote bag at the end of the day

DAY 1 Confident Sewers –  Patchwork Toiletries Bag With Fancy Zip

  • Once they are done, they will have the option to personalise the toiletry bag and embellish with sequins, button, gems and other accessories

DAY 2 – Design Your Own Top

  • Create a simple pattern for you to use in the future
  • Each child will have the option to sew a sleeveless top or a short sleeved top
  • They will have the option to embellish their tops with trimmings of their choice.

DAY 3 – Design Your Own Skater Skirt

  • Each child will make a skater skirt

DAY 4 – Creativity Krazee Day

After 3 days of non-stop sewing, we are going to take a break from the sewing machine and let our inner creativity loose. First of all, we are going to teach you how to braid your hair and you will also learn how to braid your best friend’s hair when she comes over. Parents, please inform us if you don’t want your child to engage in this activity

  • Learning hair braiding techniques for either Afro, Caucasian or Asian
  • Design and create your own Chunky Fabric necklaces and Fabric bracelets
  • Create your own headbands
  • Make your own scrunchies
  • T-shirt designing
  • Shoe designing (please provide a pair of plimsolls)

 DAY 5 – Sewing Your Own Dress Using A Vest


Customise Your Own Jeans (Please supply your own jeans)

  • Freestyle class
  • You can turn your trousers into shorts and embellish them
  • You can design your jeans with applique
  • You can draw henna designs with glitter fabric paint (this won’t come off in the wash)
  • We have over 5000 lace trimmings to choose from


Free hot lunch available. Healthy snacks and drinks will be provided all day. NO KOSHER MEALS ON FRIDAY


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