Dress Like A Superhero

Dress Like A Superhero


Superhero For A Day


  • Kids from 6+ who want to put a creative outfit together
  • Any child who wants to explore their creative side
  • Any child looking to be a super hero for the day


There are no requirements. Their might be a bit of sewing with needle and thread, but fabric glue will suffice if they can’t

Make Your Own Superhero Oufit

In this workshop, the kids are going to have fun making their own superhero costume.

First of all, the kids are going to be asked to invent their own super heroes and then make the costume using fabrics, t-shirts, fabric paint and other accessories.
At the end of the workshop, they will have invented their own superhero and made the following:

  • A superhero top: This colourful top will have their super hero logo designed on it.
  • A superhero mask to hide their true identity. No super hero wants to be recognised by their peers
  • A superhero cape: No hero would want to be caught without his cape. Infact, the cape is one of the most important items of clothing for a superhero. Legend has it that, it gives the hero speed.
  • Depending on the superhero they have chosen, we are going to finish off with a belt, arm bands, and a tiara


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