Drop In Sewing Sessions – Bring Your Own Projects – September


Drop In Sewing Sessions – Bring Your Own Projects – September


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Product Description

Sewing At Home Can Be Sometimes Lonely And Frustrating When Things Go Wrong, this class is for you if the following applies:

  • You want a relaxed environment where you can work on your own projects, but MAY require expert help
  • You have lots of unfinished projects at home you are stuck with
  • You are unsure about sewing and want to test the waters
  • You would like to mingle with like-minded crafters in the community
  • You want to swap ideas and patterns with others
  • You like to enjoy some coffee and cakes while sewing
  • You have an important project you are working on
  • You don’t have a sewing machine at home, but enjoy sewing

There will be an expert in the house to assist you.

Sewing Machines and white thread only will be provided by the shop

Materials Required

Bring your own project and all sewing accessories required

You can buy these items from us if you don’t have the time to get them elsewhere



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