A Beginners Sewing Journey (Copy)

Basic Sewing For Beginners

A Beginners Sewing Journey (Copy)


What is the course about?

This beginner-level sewing course is definitely for you if you have never used a sewing machine before but would like to learn how to sew in an informal, very friendly and cosy learning environment.This sewing workshop will get you started on essential but basic sewing techniques and will equip you with the skills and confidence required to carry out alterations, sew new outfits or simply stitch a tear in the very near future. You will be carrying out beginner-level projects which will act as a very strong foundation for your future sewing projects.

What will I learn during this course?

Introduction To The Sewing Machine

  • Threading and re-threading your sewing machine
  • The functions of the sewing machine parts
  • Loading and winding a bobbin
  • Various stitches and uses
  • Sewing machine troubleshooting

Make Your Own Tote Bag With Lining

Now that you have come to grips with the sewing machine, you will be using your newly found skills to cut and sew a tote bag. The beauty of this bag is that you decide how big (within reason) or small you want your bag to be. My job will be to guide you through the bag making process.This is an excellent project for beginners, you can use this bag to bring all your sewing projects and materials to class

Introduction To Freestyle Patterns

  • Create Your Own Freestyle Pattern for a gathered skirt with a waistband and zipper

Sew Your Own Gathered Skirt (Mini or Maxi) (Freestyle Pattern)

  • Cutting your fabric from your pattern
  • Laying out fabric pieces
  • Learning how to add interfacing
  • Learn how to insert a zip
  • Constructing and sewing your Zip
  • Finishing off your sewing


  • Folder, paper, pen
  • Basic sewing kit (pins, needles, fabric scissors, a tape measure)
  • 6 bobbins, white sewing thread, tailor’s chalk

You will be guided by your instructors on what other materials will be required during the course.

REQUIREMENTS: Willingness to learn how to sew. No previous experience necessary

Weekday: Saturday (12pm – 2:30pm)

Starts:28th October

End Date:25th November

Number of Weeks: 5

Please remember; every student progresses at a different pace, so try and enjoy the process as you go along.

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