3 Dec 2016

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

My special tribute to Mrs. W

Just in case I forgot to mention, you are a creative legend. Your creativity has formed a close and mature bond with your originality. I often look forward to coming to your office because there is often, a pure spark of ingenious creativity lurking around in hidden and open corners.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I love your ideas and I look forward to your creations.

Am I amazed by your creativity? Certainly not. Am I blown away? HELL-TO-THE-YES

On Friday morning, my eyes were met with the most artistic creation I had seen in weeks. I have seen lavishly decorated Christmas trees in my time, but NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, beats a Christmas tree which has been decorated, one thoughtful branch at a time. Your tree was so amazing. I could not wait to share it with the world.

You creatively designed tiny drawstring bags, Christmas stockings and all sorts of mini bags. These mini bags hung nicely on the tree. What I loved most was the beautiful Christmas fabrics and the combination of fabrics and buttons. I cannot even begin to imagine how long this must have taken you; hours, I would say. The stitches were close to perfect not one stitch out of place. For items so tiny, you must have worked through many nights to come up with these beautiful decorations

I was so excited because I had a sewing class on Saturday morning and I was going to get the ladies to make those cute little bags, within the time frame allowed.
Suffice to say, the ladies were blown away by their little project. It was nothing they had seen before and I am glad I showed it to them, all down to you.
Thank you for being so creative. I am glad to know there is someone like you so close by.


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