2 Dec 2016

My First Bat Mitzvah Class


On the 29th of October, I was absolutely blessed and privileged to be involved in a ‘Mother Daughter’ Bat Mitzvah class. For 3 months, I contemplated this workshop with unadulterated excitement. There was a total buzz about sharing my love and passion for all things inspired and creative.

Leading up to the event, we mostly conversed about how exciting and inspiring what I did was and how the mums and girls were going to enjoy the session. There was a crescendo of excitement building up and as far as I was concerned, it was mostly about the crafts.

No one could have prepared me for what I experienced on that day.

I will summarise as aptly as I can muster, what the class was about. In a nutshell, the programme/class is designed to give the Bat Mitzvah girl an appreciation of her role within Jewish history and an understanding of her unique responsibilities as a Jewish woman.

An incredulously overwhelming feeling stirred within me as I listened to uplifting and empowering messages being passed to these young, beautiful teenage girls. Messages that would give them a compass in life. I asked myself, ‘why are more communities, not empowering their girls?’

I have two young girls, aged 6 and 8 and I feel compelled, to share my experience with other mums. As they say, “it takes a village to raise a child,” it was so inspiring to see the ‘village’ symbolically get together as they raised their children.

It was heart-warming to see mothers bonding with their daughters over a common activity. Whether you choose to believe it or not, mothers of today shape the future leaders of tomorrow. Our daughters need every help they can get in life and us as mothers, at home and in the society ought to be empowering and uplifting them.

Young girls need to be taught about self-esteem, about love; love for themselves and love for others. They need to understand what it means to forgive and be forgiven, they need to be taught about tolerance and acceptance.

Young girls need proper role models, not pop stars and models who mostly make the headlines for wayward reasons. I am in no way advocating that these girls are the best girls in the world, but the point is they stand a better chance of making good decisions as teenagers, youths and adults than kids who are being left to their own devices. As humans, we are fallible, but being equipped with some kind of compass, gives us hope that we will often err on the side of caution.

We live in a society where most kids are being raised by ‘You-tube’ for lack of a better expression. Let us bequeath our kids with good, values and family traditions that mean something. If there are no family traditions; start yours. In time to come, those traditions will become family values.

I loved the class so much and I felt simply blessed to be part of it. I also feel blessed I could contribute by way of a crafts workshop.

If you are interested in booking my services for a ‘Mother Daughter’ Bat Mitzvah class, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I am so delighted I have 2 more workshops to run. My sincere thanks to Joanne and Tali at Se.ed, Edgware. http://www.seed.uk.net/programmes/links-bat-mitzvah-programme/

Oh, I am also looking forward to designing my first 2 pairs of Simcha shoes. To those lovely girls, Mazel Tov.



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