2 Sep 2016

Make Your Own Fabric Buttons

If you are working on your next project and you are thinking of how best to spruce it up, I can tell you; make your own fabric buttons.

Go round the house and gather all pieces of unused fabric you can find and then make your own buttons in less than 10 minutes.


  • 25 X 33mm Metal Cover Buttons
  • As many pieces of scrap fabrics as you can find
  • Needle and matching coloured thread









Next you need an item to embellish. I have chosen this coat.










Making the buttons takes less than 5 minutes per button

buttons ready









All you have to do now is sew the buttons on with a needle and thread

coat ready









This is really fun and easy to do. If you decide to make one please post it on our Facebook page Luchi & Ota Facebook Page


Feel free to ask questions or leave comments. Thank you

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