19 Dec 2016

It Is The Season To Get Sewing


At Luchi & Ota, we don’t just teach people (girls, boys, men or women) how to sew; we also share with them, how to turn unassuming items into something very creative.

So today, my girls, made modest skirts. It was a lot of hard work with all the fabric cutting, pinning hems, ironing seams and sewing all the pieces together.
After all the hard work, they managed to unwind, by making necklaces from t-shirt yarn.

Anyone who has encountered me in a workshop setting would have been infected by my enthusiasm of turning old t-shirts into necklaces, bags, wall decor and the lists goes on.


One of these girls had never used a sewing machine before, but one thing I always guarantee is, it does not matter if you have used a sewing machine before, as long as there is the willingness to learn, you will leave my shop with the knowledge.

Unless you know any of these girls, no one can guess which girl used a sewing machine for the first time today.

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