20 Mar 2017

Inspired By The High Street – Daddy’s Old Shirt – Part 1


Inspired By The High Street – Sewing Workshop For Kids – Easter Holiday

A massive thank you to my darling husband who volunteered quite a few of his shirts for this project.

Stripes are in, this season. Nonetheless, I am thankful to shirt makers for keeping stripes in, every season. There is no lack of striped shirts in a man’s wardrobe, just like there will be no lack of ‘Black’ in a woman’s wardrobe.

Let me give you the backstory. I saw this skirt designed by River Island that sent quite a few bumps all over me. In my head, this was the ideal project for a Children’s crafts class; upcycling and sewing, 2 of my favourite pastimes.

We have decided to run a holiday class that will let us recreate this River Island skirt. For this project, we will be soliciting the used of dad’s old shirts.

Immediately I saw this skirt, all I could see was a ‘shirt’. Initially, it appeared like a skirt with the top bit cut off but the sleeves were left on.
On closer examination I realised, there was a bit more to the skirt.


The rear of the skirt was longer than the front, and in a different fabric too. Which means 2 shirts might be required or I could get extra fabric all together.



Note, the back has an elasticated waistband; completely different from the front.


In total, 3 different fabrics have been used here.


In my opinion, this skirt although it has a few parts, will not be that difficult to recreate once all the components of the pattern have been broken down.
To kick off my project, I have selected a few of ‘dads’ shirts.

Shirt No.1 was the closest I could find, I particularly am drawn to the contrasting blue in front. I believe this will really stand out. For the rear, I could go with jeans. I am yet to decide what the combination will be, but whatever it is, it will definitely stand out.


Shirt No. 2 is a plain Sky Blue shirt. This gives me the opportunity to throw some more creative juices in the mix. The simplicity of the colour will enable me to use whatever combination of fabrics I desire. It is not restrictive at all.


Finally, shirt No.3, plain old white shirt. Talk about a blank canvas. Who knows, I might decide to get some tie-dye action in the mix.


For the next week or so, I am going to be working on recreating this skirt, and I would like you to follow this blog for more updates.

Please leave any comments or suggestions below. If you would like your daughter to join us over the Easter holiday in recreating this lovely River Island skirt, please book your place by following this link.


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