1 Sep 2016

How to Remove Residue From The Soleplate Of An Iron


Having a functional iron can make the most arduous job appear less tedious.

One of my favourite tools or devices is my iron. I cannot begin to even tell you how much I treasure my iron; oh, lest I forget, all my irons (I have several) are powerful steam irons.

A powerful iron is a tailor’s best friend or one of their many best friends; they simply make life easy for me, at home and at work.

The last thing I want to ever see, is a sticky, dirty soleplate; this can be residue from melted synthetic fibre or simply having your iron on too hot when ironing certain fabrics. I have also noticed that spray starch leaves residue as well. I won’t go into lime scale because personally, I NEVER use tap water in my iron, so I don’t really have that problem anymore (even though my iron has a filter, I don’t trust it completely..lol).

Having a dirty iron can wreak havoc on your clothes; life is hard enough as it is. So let’s ensure our irons are always clean, because life is hard enough without that extra stress.


Hot Iron soleplate cleaner
100% cotton piece of cloth.

  1. Heat up the iron for about 1 minute
  2. Switch it off before you continue
  3. Iron will remain hot, so proceed with caution
  4. Squeeze a toothpaste size on the cloth and start to clean the hot iron
  5. Clean until it is all removed
  6. If not add some more paste and repeat as needed


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