Group Crafts

A Workshop Less Ordinary

Corporate Creativity Workshops

Our bespoke crafted workshops enable you re-discover your natural ability for creativity through a range of hands-on activities that will appeal to both sides of your brain. Everyone is creative; however, some of us need to poke further in order to access that part.

Unlocking Your Hidden Potentials

One of the powerful lessons gleaned from our workshops is that; sometimes you might not get the result you require or desire, but if you change your perspective, you will discover that what you have in front of you is an alternative result. How you use and interpret that result is what makes you a winner. Harnessing this skill will make you work more effectively more effectively.

Connecting With Friends & Colleagues

A lasting impression is always formed after an event; good or bad.
Let your employees form a lasting and memorable connection with each other without effort. Our instructors are professional and have a very good sense of humour so it will be serious fun all the way. Allow your employees collaborate creatively to come up with solutions they take part in our wonderful creative workshops


  • Tie-Dye Workshop
    • We can tie-dye your company printed t-shirts with your company logo, tote bags, hoodies, scarves, bandanas, shoes, towels and lots more
  • Customise Your Own Hoodie with a slogan
  • Create An Item For Charity As A Group
  • Create Your Flower Vase + Floral Arrangement lesson
  • Screen Printing with stencils
  • Hand Embroidery on clothing
  • Make your own Espadrille Shoes
  • Customise your shoes with rhinestones


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