The Creative Octopus is awake at 5am

15 Jul 2016

For The Love Of Crafting


Over the summer, I wake up very early; nothing which blackout blinds won’t solve, but I don’t mind. It presents me with the opportunity to watch copious amount of videos I would ordinarily be unable to watch in the daytime.

I stumbled across a video which gave me an idea. Let me expand.

I customise shoes, Converse trainers with rhinestones and glitter; no, they don’t come off if you take proper care of them. I have tested the leniency of my designs on my daughter who is now 6 yrs old, if  a pair of shoes survives her test, they are ready for the market.

I digress abit, but bear with me. Sometime I watch in absolute horror as my daughter kicks about in a freshly designed pair of Converse trainers, all the effort and stones that went into those shoes. Then again, I am left smiling, because I do a quick ‘rhinestone’ check and discover that not a single stone has shifted.

Back to my initial point, most of my designs are simple. Yes, by my standards they are very simple, although some of my customers beg to differ. Anyway, I have always wanted to create a design more complex than normal, and for the last year, ideas have been percolating but never really come to fruition; I know exactly what I am looking for, but the process in fulfilling that design has not materialised.

This morning at 5:30am, I watched a video and I had goose bumps. I am going to see if what I saw would work for me. I played out the various scenarios in my head, each of them more difficult than the previous.

Please watch this space for more.

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