4 Sep 2016

Customised Bridal Bag

I recently acquired a whole new inventory of trimmings; hundreds and hundreds, I went to trimmings heaven.
Can you imagine all the possibilities when you get hold of trimmings?
A single trimming can transform an old outfit or bag, or shoe. So I started messing around with some of the trimmings and here are the results.

This is the plain bag which caught my fancy. This Bridesmaids Hen Party Tote Bags was made in the shop. With a blank canvass like this, the options are limitless to be very creative.


Plain Canvas Tote Bag

















I played with a few trimmings before finally settling for these ones.
















Same bag, different lighting
















As the day wore on, the more I looked at the bag, the more I realised it looke like a bridal bag of some sort. However I was not very comfortable with the black piece, especially if it was for a bride. Some may not mind, but I thought I would try something else.































I was really please with personalised bride bag. I could not stop looking at it. It took a lot of effort, but I was pleased with the result.
I hope I have inspired at least one person to do something creative today.

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