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Welcome to Fabric Crafts For Children

In our craft classes, our main focus is on fabrics and they are equally as exciting as our sewing classes. We encourage the same level of focus and dedication to creativity and believe this classes are educationally rich.

Take our tie and dye classes for instance, girls are encouraged to think about various ways of combining colours, they are also encouraged to think about measurements and quantities in relation to size.

Kids as young as 6, who probably would not take interest in laundary, become very aware that dark colours need to separated from light colours before washing; and the look of amazement on their faces when we tell them that a lot of fabrics are dyed, is priceless. These children create art while learning great techniques.

We provide all materials for the classes. There might be extra bits to purchase, but these are always optional and will not affect their chosen project. Your child will always come home with a finished product; something creative and useful.


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The kids will be making one of the following:

  • Non-sew tulle skirt
  • Non-sew handbag with embellishments
  • Personalised party bags
  • Customised shoes
  • Tie and Dye t-shirts
  • Tie and Dye trousers

Each child will be leaving the course with a finished item. There will be no unfinished items leaving the shop. We supply all materials.

Please feel free to ask me questions via email or you can contact me on 0208 9587714 during shop opening hours; 10am – 6pm.

You can book your classes online.
Looking forward to hearing from you.