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TypeOnsite Course
PlaceLuchi & Ota, Edgware
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Superhero Party


First of all, the kids are going to be asked to invent their own superheroes and then make the costume using fabrics, t-shirts, fabric paint and other accessories.
At the end of the workshop, they will have invented their own superhero and made the following:

  • A superhero top: This colourful top will have their super hero logo designed on it
  • A superhero cape: No hero would want to be caught without his cape. Infact, the cape is one of the most important items of clothing for a superhero. Legend has it that, it gives the hero

Ages: 6+
Group Size: 10-22
Time: 2 hours (includes time for food, cake and drinks)
Availability: Saturdays or Sundays
Cost: 16.50 per person (excludes food and cake)

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