Clothes And Dressmaking Courses


  • Anyone who has not used a sewing machine in a long time but would like a refresher
  • Anyone who already enjoys sewing and wants to improve their skills as well as meet other crafters
  • Anyone who has never sewn or used a sewing machine
  • Anyone who would like some help setting up a brand new sewing machine
  • Anyone who has a sewing machine but currently has issues understanding how it works
  • Anyone who would like to make clothes for themselves, friends and families
  • Anyone who loves to do a bit of wardrobe alteration
  • Anyone who wants to learn advanced sewing techniques so they can do some tailoring


  • We run COSY, RELAXED but structured sewing classes. We understand that sewing can appear daunting, but we try our best to give you the confidence you require to start and continue in your sewing journey. We do not believe anyone is too old to learn how to sew.
  • Our sewing instructors are very seasoned, but most importantly, they are very patient. We are always happy to answer your questions because if you fully understand what you are doing, your sewing journey will be a happy one.
  • Our classes are very interactive and we encourage our attendees to take their time because sewing is a journey. We do not believe anyone is too old to learn how to sew.


If any of these people were Prime Ministers the last time you used a sewing machine; Margaret Thatcher, John Major or Tony Blair, we would advise you to book a refresher course.

If you would like to set up a new sewing machine, start your sewing journey, understand how to troubleshoot, then this is for you.

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If you can confidently thread up your sewing machine and make a tote bag, a cushion cover or even a very simple blouse, you are an intermediate sewer.

At this point, you are looking to sharpen your sewing skills by taking on projects that might involve commercial patters, you might want to get involved in pattern drafting.

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You are a confident sewer have been sewing for a while but require specific help or you want to get into tailoring. You can deal with complex types of fabrics and styles.

You are looking to get involved in more sophisticated men or women’s tailoring; you can contact us for 1-2-1 sessions if there are no suitable classes available.

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Simple & Creative Sewing

Now, you know how to sew. Did you realise there is more to simply cutting out patterns and following instructions. Why don’t you try your hands at random, creative sewing filled with sewing techniques, tips and tricks that will blow your mind? Turn simple items into stunning creations.

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