14 Mar 2017

A Tale Of One Blouse


Which Design Would You Choose?

A lovely customer came into my shop this morning and she had a dilemma; a fashion dilemma. She was attending a wedding in less than a week and had purchased a lovely blouse which was a bit jejune and she wanted to give it a bit of a vim.

Of course, she had come to the right shop. This is what I do, day in and day out. I am all about putting the ‘be’ in ‘dazzle’. I have a slight suspicion I was more excited than she was. I had to remind myself quite speedily, I wasn’t the one who was attending the wedding; so I put the brakes on my budding excitement.

My head went into overdrive, but I very quickly realised that she wanted something in blue colour, understated but still gave the blouse a bit of a ‘je ne sais quoi.’

This is her lovely, navy blue lace top.


I started off with this option, I was practically begging her to choose this one. She said this was a bit too much. Broke my heart..lol



Option number 2. Turquoise trimmings with stones.




Finally, I decided to play around with some embellishments and beads.



She really liked this one, but it will take longer to put on because she has to sew in the beads individually, as opposed to the big lace trim which would require a few stitches to keep it in place.


I am interested in knowing which one you would go for if the choice were yours.

Please leave your comments in the comments box below. If you have any suggestions, I would like to read them too.






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